A Brand New Website!

Well if anything in my life proves I’m a lucky person (aside from my dashing good looks and enormous tolerance for caffeinated beverages mmm coffee all day) I think it’s this site.

I was approached by Bit Space Development or more specifically by my good friend Dan Blair and his associate Grandel Cuvos with the proposal to make this portfolio site and of course I jumped at the opportunity. These guys are amazing, seriously I’m not just saying that, they’re a killer team and they really know their stuff.

They put this website together for me and are making sure it’s well taken care of. And the best part is they worked with me without making me feel like a dummy for not being the most code-savvy person in the world.

Anyways just thought I’d make a little celebratory statement here, welcome everyone to the new hub of my online world and express my enormous gratitude to Dan and Grandel!

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