About Me


Sara Wilde wants to get inside your head. Well yours, and all the other interesting characters she portrays in her work. Carefully observing the unobserved Sara creates and adapts believable characters in fantastical worlds. With her eye for detail, insistence for perfection and tendency to get caught up in her own absurd humour, Sara breathes whimsy and life into her 3D models and illustrations.

Sara’s roots lie in the countless lumps of clay and sheets of paper that have shaped the way she understands and approaches her work. Today she still avidly creates sculptures and drawings, only she’s traded in her raw materials for a computer and a tablet. Graduating from the University of Manitoba School of Fine Arts in 2013 with a double major in Drawing and Sculpture gave Sara a solid foundational base and understanding of art. Her head filled to the brim with inspiration and a desire to put that energy to use, Sara attended Red River College’s Digital Media Design program graduating in 2015, now armed with not only the knowledge, but the skills needed to pursue her career as a 3D character artist.

On top of her passion for art, Sara loves to travel. From temples in Taiwan to the cobbled streets of Munich, Sara considers herself lucky to have had a family that instilled that passion early in her life. To date Sara has been to 21 countries, which have opened her eyes to the world and ways of living, she has endless plans to visit even more places in the future.

Sara is currently working as a freelance illustrator and 3D generalist in Winnipeg, MB.