C4 Comic Con 2015!



*Lifts head up from under a pile of fanart/Halloween rubble*

“What – it’s over? Already??”


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.34.01 PMOnce again C4 was a wild and crazy ride full of unbridled creativity and unabashed passion for all things awesome. This was my second year exhibiting and my first year exhibiting by myself. My lovely and talented friend Diana Van Damme is kicking ass in Montreal right now, so it meant a solo show for me!


I almost had a catastrophic start to the con when my display just wouldn’t stay up! But my life/booth was saved by fellow exhibitor Diva Beadz when Deborah showed up like an angel and handed me a metal clamp that would be the star of my weekend (lesson learned plastic clamps are not the way to go!). It just goes to show how supportive the artists are of each other here!

My booth placement was phenomenal I was between some amazing artists (GMB Chomichuk and Chasing Artwork to name a
few). I was pretty intimidated going in – I mean I’m just a noob at this and they’re … THEM! Amazing established artists who really know what they’re doing. But I couldn’t have asked for better neighbors, as always everyone was supremely fun and nice to be around.


Even more than last year I learned a lot about running my booth and have loads of ideas for what I’d like to do differently next year. Plus I am mind-sploding with ideas for prints what an inspirational overload looking at all the amazing work!


Booth stuff aside I think the most important and rewarding part of being a part of something like C4 is all the amazing people I get to meet and spend time with!


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.34.17 PMThat is always a highlight for me, just watching someone overflow with excitement for x-character’s latest predicament or y-series’ crazy turn of events. I debated the latest Walking Dead episode with one con goer (for future ref a particular character is in limbo right now are they dead or alive??) and he was so excited comparing the comics to the show to fan theories online that he was actually getting a little out of breath. This is what C4 is about. It doesn’t get better than that.


I also got to see some of the most amazing costumes, like seriously I was blown away by the effort and skill put into some of these babies. It’s so much fun talking to people about how they made them/learning about their passion for their particular fandom.


I could gush on but I think I’ll wrap up by thanking everyone who attended and supported from the sidelines! Also by thanking my fellow artists for making the artist’s alley a friendly, supportive and fun place to be. I’ve heard from several visiting artists that our alley is pretty unique in how welcoming and social we are with each other. So way to go everyone, thanks for keeping C4 how it should be – a fun and positive place to share our art, costumes, and passion!


Can’t wait for next year!




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