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sara wilde cakeologyI never thought all my years of scrapbooking would bring me to this. Recently I was given the opportunity to make a video for local patrons of delicious; Cake-ology ( as part of my work placement with Procter Brothers Inc. (you can check out some of their amazing animations here The concept behind the video was to promote the wide variety of sugary treats they make at the bakery. In particular Cake-ology has just added ice cream to their menu and as with any product unveiling I thought it would be important to emphasize.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Pam Kirkpatrick (the owner/mastermind behind the business) at the beginning of this project to talk about her business, things like: how shecakeology sign got started, where they want to go and everything in-between. It was a very enlightening conversation for me, running your own business is no easy feat and Pam is modest about her accomplishments.


After talking for some time, taking a look at her shop and their products I knew what I wanted to focus on. Situated in Winnipeg’s Exchange district the business already had a distinct feel and style to it. The area being very hip and full of architectural gems I wanted to incorporate the stunning storefront and their very stand-out signage in with a basic look at their most popular treats.


Tcake_smallhe decision to make the video in papercraft came easily, with the strong themes of handmade, homey, comforting and vintage I knew the video should be made with some kind of traditional craft. With the amazing variety of vintage wrapping papers and some of my own scrapbooking paper on hand everything came together nicely.


It was the decision to put everything onto a cake that eluded me for some time. I was struggling with the transitions – how would I make everything work together? Look like a complete flowing animation? I racked my brain for about a week when I cam across the work of Brittney Lee ( a crazy talented artist for Disney. And for some reason, she made a gif. of some of her paper dolls spinning around on a cylindrical base. And it hit me. It made so much sense! Of course the animation should all be happening on a cake! And with that revelation production steamed ahead.
When the build was done I had the help of the Procter Brothers to get animating. Christian Procter is a very talented stop motion artist and he and I set out a day to get everything moving. There is a lot to animation and I’m lucky I had such a good teacher. It took a lot longer than you’d think, but when we were done we had some great shots. Sean Procter is the editing/tech/music wiz and he helped me a lot with taking the raw footage from our initial shoot and turning it into something actually watchable.


Overall this project was a huge learning experience for me, I got to try a lot of new things and find new things to do with my old skills. And it was fun to do! Those guys have things figured out. Stop motion animation is a super labor-intensive way to make a living, but what a way to make a living.


Since the video has been put out the response has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier with it or the wonderful, supportive community we have here in Winnipeg.


Now head down to Cake-ology and get yourself something sweet! They’re Now serving ice cream!






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