Giving Support Without Giving Money


“Holy hell, people actually showed up – I wasn’t expecting this kind of turnout! Maybe I CAN do this.”



Don’t get me wrong; we’re not getting by on a hope and a dream here, if you want to support your friends by buying their paintings, CDs, or phallic knitted knick-knacks – DO SO! Artists need to eat and support their families as much as the next guy. But what I’m talking about here is an alternative or additive way to help out your Creative Cohorts (or CCs if you will).

Asking for the support of those around you is no small request. People are busy! There is so much going on in life and you want them to pile even MORE on top of their to-do list?? I know first hand how huge it is when someone shows up to your event, takes the time to send a kind word, or shares your post on social media. It’s no small favour showing support for a friend, and its impact is immeasurable on their psyche, their practice, and their ability to continue creating their art!

I’m heavily involved in the arts, always have been, so when I look at the amazing group of people around me that are also involved in music, charities, dance etc. It can be a little overwhelming! I can’t possibly buy tickets to every concert, attend every gallery opening, contribute art to every auction … you get what I’m saying, it adds up.

Red-Rabbit by Scott A. Ford
Red-Rabbit by Scott A. Ford

You might find yourself in a different situation, maybe you’re not an artist – you have some creative cohorts that you care about. Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is they do, but you know they’re giving it everything they’ve got (I mean how can they work full time AND do rehearsal in the evenings? Don’t they sleep?).



Whatever your relation to the artist is, I’ve created a simple list of ways you can show your support:

  • Like, Follow, Subscribe to their pages be it Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot, etc. This small act can really make a difference to someone, knowing their friends care enough to follow their work.
  • Promote their work! Share their posts on social media, help get the word out with a simple click of your mouse.
  • Tell your CC if you like their work! Comment on a post or send them a private message, it doesn’t have to be an essay, even a few words can mean the world to someone.
  • Share your experience! If you have gotten work, seen a recording, etc, from your CC Share how it made you feel with others! Post a picture of their work up in your home, tweet a short review, or whatever method you’re comfortable with just let people know what you think!
  • Show up to their events! It doesn’t have to be every event, but putting in some face time is what it’s all about.
    • Contradictory side note: Some events might cost money (but Sara you said this would all be free!) while we’re talking about free/open events here it’s still worth noting that you choose what you do with your time and money. You should remember your choices can have a real effect on what goes on in your city.
  • Word of Mouth: Educate the public! You’re lucky enough to know the ins and outs of your CCs practice, tell your co-workers, family, baristas (any sentient beings who will listen really) about it. The business, the crazy hours, the equipment, the blood sweat and tears; ignorance breeds apathy and disdain especially when it comes to the arts. Education is key for greater understanding and appreciation.
  • Miniatures by Gloria Joe
    Miniatures by Gloria Joe

    Try shopping local – instead of going to the Mall for gifts. You might be surprised there are price ranges for everyone not just expensive hoity-toit boutiques. I’ll say it again control where you put your money – why not buy from a local artisan, support their practice and your community directly? (Ok that was another money one – but it was money you would have spent anyways!)

  • And last but certainly not least – Moral Support! They love you and you love them. You might not always understand what your CC is doing but to quote Princess Bubblegum “we don’t need to figure it out. We just need to respect it.” Your support is needed more than you know sometimes, I doubt there is a single artist who could get by without it – so thank you!


What I hope you got out of this is that there are so many talented hard-working people out there. Without support those talented people would go nowhere, even the smallest acts of kindness can add up to something great!


If you are lucky enough to have creative people in your life, you are one yourself, or you’re just interested in getting involved – I encourage you to get started on this list today! If you’re looking for somewhere to start I have some amazing Winnipeggers and events that could use your support:



First Fridays are a bunch of free events every month in downtown Winnipeg – lots of fun and different things to choose from!


Download this free Mobile app by Winnipeg based game company Complex Games

Screen cap from Men With Beards
Screen cap from Men With Beards

Like and Share ABCs of Mythology a colouring book created by Canadian artists Ingrid Glaw and Jazmyn Douillard


Attend an artists talk at Ace Art (this is one of many check out their website for more here:, on March 30th, 2016. Caro LaFlamme will deliver a talk with Kira Koop, about the multi media project I AM HERE.

For the cost of a cup of coffee rent Winnipeg made documentary Men With Beards


And heck shameless self-promotion – Share this Blog post on Social Media (Icons at the bottom of this page)


If you think I’ve missed something, or have more ideas on this topic I’d love to hear from you!


Thank you for Reading!







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  • Jaynie
    March 30, 2016 at 12:36 am  - Reply

    Good post Sara. I particularly like your point that non-artist friends don’t have to understand what you do just show appreciation.

    • Sara Wilde
      March 30, 2016 at 8:20 pm  - Reply

      Thank you Jaynie! I think a people can be intimidated by things outside of their comfort zone and end up avoiding things all together because of it. We’re not all experts in everything and sometimes just knowing that someone you care about is passionate about something should be enough to support it. 🙂

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