Operation Polarity Hook Key Art

Lasers and guns and high-flying action! The process of creating art for Operation Polarity Hook.

I was hired by Winnipeg VR game studio Cronoforge https://www.cronoforge.com/contact to create art for their game. I was tasked to design a soldier character and use that design to create a piece of key art for their Steam campaign. They were an ideal client; they had no existing art but a clear idea of what they were looking for. I was allowed a great deal of creative input and we moved through the early stages quite quickly. You can see in the images above we narrowed down the design and from there I was able to move onto colour variations to final pose block-out in a relatively seamless back and forth.

The final rendered image was created entirely in photoshop; from the initial sketch all the way to the finishing touches. I really loved being a part of this project, from start to finish watching ideas come to life is always such an incredible experience. I look forward to seeing if and how the company incorporates the concepts into their game.


More on Operation Polarity Hook here:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/689130/Operation_Polarity_Hook/

“Operation Polarity Hook takes First Person Shooters to the next level by combining combat specifically designed for VR with a revolutionary new movement system that does not rely on teleporting. Finally achieve the same degree of control WASD and mouse look give you in this natural evolution of first person shooters into the VR experience. Attach to walls and swing through the environment on a beam of energy code named “Polarity Hook” as you battle enemies and fight to save human kind!”

– Cronoforge


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Operation Polarity Hook Concept and Production Art

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