Oven-Backed Tortoise

This was a really fun project to tackle, I based it off a drawing I did for a class where our task was to combine an organic and inorganic object (seen at the end of the slideshow). My goal for this project was to improve my workflow going between ZBrush and Maya.

I modeled, textured, painted and retopologised and mapped the model all in ZBrush It was my first time using ZBrush’s new retopology tool and holy smokes it’s like magic. beautiful, massively time-saving magic.

I then took all of that work and brought it into Maya where I played around with some Mental ray materials and shaders. This was my first attempt at using a specular map, the results are great but boy are they a pain to plug in. I think the render turned out pretty good anyways, I’m happy with it.

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