Vik the Salvager

Created: Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017 (approximately 100 hours)

This is a piece I made for the Cube Brush Art War 3D character art challenge, she made it into the Round 1 Finalists! Top 30 submissions of the contest. Part of the contest was posting regularly on their forums, you can view the whole thread of my progress here:

“I’ve been called worse by better.” – Vicleanna Maiara (or Vik for short)

Vik works as a deep space picker salvaging parts and artefacts from the dead planets of quadrant KPXT-39. Under their affable captain Abner she works with a crew of 6 other mixed species misfits with varying rates of success and frequent run-ins with all manner of less than desirable competition.

She comes from the Mantedozeans – a race displaced by the destruction of their home planet. Separated from her family in the chaos of the evacuation Vik has worked with the salvage since she was old enough to carry Abner’s favourite wrench (harder than it sounds it’s a really big wrench).

The design of this character is a combination of a praying mantis, a gazelle and a human. I wanted to use two very opposite creatures – the mantis being known for it’s brutalist tendencies and the gazelle known for it’s peaceful grace to represent to two sides of Vik’s personality. I drew inspiration from the amazing character design in the Saga comic series as well as from Otto Schmidt and an incredible insect humanoid figure whose creator I have not been able to track down (bottom left corner of ref sheet).

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